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How to use "Play" control

  1. When you click on Play control you will see the play step added into the Call flow panel and on the right side is the Play setting as shown below:

  2. Click on button setting next to the message at the right panel to start input the voice message your caller would hear.

  3. The system will ask you to put message name. Choose Create new message if you want to create a new one or choose Select an existing one if you want to use the existing message. Click on “Next” button.
    This screenshot show that we create a new message name “Welcome”

  4. Click on drop down box and choose one of the option below:
    1. Choose Text to speech if you want the system read the text input using Text-to-speech engine you have chosen when creating project then type the text type the text below the drop down box.
    2. Choose Online resource if you want to use online audio file. You will require to input URL to the audio file.
    3. Choose Record message if you want to record voice directly. The system will enable record button that you can record your sound directly using your computer microphone.
    4. Choose Upload a file if you want to upload audio file. The system will allow you upload existing file from you computer, currently only wav and mp3 file are supported.
      This screenshot showing that we choose “Text to speech” option with the message “Welcome to pregnancy take care center” for play control.

  5. Click on button “Save” to finish.